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Let your friends keep track of where you are, read your journal and see your pictures while you are away using LogMyTrip.co.uk. Whether you’re sailing in the South Pacific, cycling round Wales or on a gap year in Asia, it’s quick and easy to customise this site to look as if it were designed exclusively for you and your friends. As used by John McAuliff, winner of the 2011 Blogging Scholarship. It’s free to use, so start setting up your trip today, or click here to select an existing trip. Please either make a Paypal donation (see side bar) or click on some of our Google provided adverts to keep this site free to you. Click here to learn how to edit this site using a PC or Mac or send your updates from your mobile.

Sample mapThe LogMyTrip.co.uk concept is simple. You don’t need to have a laptop and a ‘techie’ along with you to keep it up-to-date, or spend a large chunk of your trip in Internet cafés. A mobile camera phone with GPS, such as an iPhone, an Android phone, a Blackberry or Nokia smart phone is all you need.

As this website is a WordPress site, you can send your updates via the WordPress App. for your phone. Download it free here: iPhone Android Blackberry Nokia Windows phone

We recommend that you initially setup your account and trip using a PC or Mac by clicking here. Activate your trip by adding a title on the Profile page. The simplest way to update your trip on the move is via one of the apps mentioned above. Alternative methods are via a laptop, or a PC in an Internet café.

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