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If you’ve already created a trip log, or you are just looking at a friends log, you can find a trip by clicking on “Select A Trip” on the menu above and then selecting a trip from the list by clicking on it.
Click here for further information on the WordPress plugin that this site is based on.

Click here to jump to help on adding points to an existing trip

To setup a new trip log you must first register then login. You can change the automatically generated password to something more memorable once you’ve logged in, but don’t make it too simple as hackers will mess up your trip for you! You do not need to use any WordPress shortcodes in your posts on this site.

Click on “Profile” and scroll to the bottom of the displayed form. In the LogMyTrip information section, type in a name for your trip in the “Trip Title” field and select a suitable “Map Icon Type” from the drop down list. You will not see a map of your trip if you don’t give it a title!

The “Flickr Photo Set ID” field enables this website to display your pictures from Flickr. If you want to use this optional feature, you must first setup a Flickr account AND organise the pictures you want to share with LogMyTrip into a photo SET (now known as an ALBUM). Take care to setup a Flickr ALBUM for your pictures. Then, to create the link, look at the address bar in your browser when viewing the thumbnail view of the photo set in Flickr that you wish to share with LogMyTrip. The photo set identifier is the long number found at the end of the address bar after the word “sets” and between two slashes.

Copy and paste this number to the box on the profile screen (without the slashes).

Please ensure that the permissions for this set are “Anyone (Public)”.

You are now ready to post logs for your trip.

Adding points to a trip log that you have already started:
You can send updates via the WordPress App. for your phone. Download it free here: iPhone Android Blackberry Nokia Windows phone. Be sure to check the option ‘Geotag Posts’ on the Settings page.

To add more points or make changes via a PC or Mac, click “Login” at the top right hand corner of the screen and enter your username and password.

Add a new point by clicking on Posts, then Add New.

First, add a title for your post that will be shown next to your photo on the map.

Then, type in the text of your log entry in the large box. You can then add a picture by clicking on the little square icon next to the words “Upload/Insert” below the title box.

Select a picture and let it upload, then click the “Insert into Post” button near the bottom.

Pictures taken on a modern mobile phone may well contain embeded GPS data (called geolocation, or simply location information). If so, you’re ready to click “Publish” on the right and the system will read the location from the picture. Otherwise, scroll down the main form page until you see the map, then use the zoom buttons (+ and -), or the search button, to locate where you want your next point, then click on the map to create the point.

Finally, scroll back up to the top of the screen and adjust the Published date by clicking “Edit” just above the “Publish” button on the right if this post is not for today. Change this to be the date you want your post to be for in the sequence of other posts on your trip, then click “Publish”.

Your done!

Your new point should now appear on the map. Click on “Visit Site” in the top left hand corner, then “View Trip” on the menu to check.

It’s a good idea to keep one browser window open to view the site and another to do your edits to save swapping back and forth all the time.

5 Responses to “User Instructions”

  1. I cannot link to a flickr set as no number appears in the browser bar , if I can get this to work how do i link a number of pictures i.e. a new flickr set to another location as it appears in the instructions as if it is one picture


    I can’t figure out why the map is sitting on top of my page rather than appearing in the content area. I think it’s a div conflict, but none of my testing is coming up with anything. Thoughts? Thanks!

  3. You are probably right Dave, it is a DIV conflict. Try temporarily switching to a different theme to see if it is causing the conflict.

    • I’m using wordpress 3.5, and I did try several different templates… they are all doing the same thing. It’s too bad… I really like what this plugin does. It appears that the map is being called for in the as well as in the content area, but it only appears in the head.

      I saw that someone on the wordpress plugin page comment that they had the same problem, but they got no response.

      Thanks for looking into it!

      • Hi Dave,

        I’ve upgraded my test server at home to wordpress 3.5 in order to try and get to the bottom things. The version is not the problem, because it all works fine after upgrade.

        I don’t monitor the wordpress plugin page due to pressure of work, but do respond to messages here.

        If you have a URL for the site showing the problems you are having it would be really helpful.


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